At the Urban Mobility Forum was presented the "Autonomous driving" sign

3 december 2018
3 december 2018

Could you show the way? In the near future, these words may cause a nostalgic smile. The tests of cars controlled by robots start in the capital. Nevertheless, at first they will still be insured by people.

How to recognize a car-drone on the street? It's the same thing as a person, but without a person: all control is exercised by means of computers, a set of equipment is applied instead of eyes. For example, stereo cameras determine the distance to objects, and high-precision navigation drives a car along the road without a man.

Distinguishing drones in the general stream will be possible thanks to the letter "A" which means “autonomous driving” and warns that in the neighbourhood there is a machine controlled by a robot. In the test mode smart cars with a new sign will go through the streets of Moscow very soon, in 2019.

"The test is expected on public roads with the participation of the pilot and in compliance with all safety rules. Let's see how the technologies and entreprises are ready to introduce such vehicles," said Alexander Gurko, co-director of the NTI “Autonet”.

Since December 1, companies will be able to apply for testing their remote-piloted vehicles, this has been said by the developers at the Urban Mobility Forum. Smart machines will be checked at the test range near Moscow Research Institute NAMI. Among potential participants there are the creators of drones for public transport – passenger buses and taxis. 

"This car is now presented as a test model, there are monitors specially placed on it. We can see how the vision system functions. When a person appears in front of the car, the car’s internal electronics receive a command either to slow down or change the trajectory. It is not fiction, it is nowadays’ reality: we can create drones today," explains the head of the working group for the development of unmanned vehicles MADI Sultan Zhankaziyev.

The “reconciliation” of a man with a robot is supposed to take several years. The experiment will last until 2022.