Technology will help reduce the number of accidents in Russia by 80%

3 december 2018
3 december 2018
At the Urban Mobility Forum, held today in Moscow, Alexander Gurko, co-director of the NTI “Autonet”, said that the introduction of communication technologies for cars’ on-board computers, other road users and road infrastructure will reduce the number of accidents in Russia by 80%. The "360" media told this to the press service of the NTI "Autonet".

The implementation of V2x technology will reduce the number of accidents on Russian roads, assures Alexander Gurko, co-director of the NTI “Autonet”.

He believes that the development of these technologies will allow solving the three most important tasks for modern traffic:
- to reduce the number of dangerous accidents by several times;
- to reduce traffic jams;
- to accelerate the introduction of automated cars into quotidian life.

"Communication technologies V2V and V2I will be implemented jointly. The technology permits controlling blind zones when overtaking as well as receiving information about any obstacles on the way - from ice to a fallen tree. This will reduce the number of accidents by 80% and eliminate the human factor," said Alexander Gurko. The communication between cars’ on-board computers (V2V) and the exchange of information between the transport and the nearest road infrastructure (V2I) will warn road users about most potentially dangerous situations and thereby recommend a safer route. According to industry experts interviewed at the Urban Mobility Forum, the basic capacities of technologies are certain to become part of Russian cars by 2025.

At this stage, two pilot zones, in which cars connected to the V2x system will be tested, are to be involved in Russia,: the NAMI test range and a section on the M-11 highway.