NTI Autonet

Searching for promising projects in the field of transport telematics and information systems, as well as transport and logistics services according to new business models.

Mission: to ensure the leading position of national companies in key segments of the Autonet world market.

Goals and objectives: to create an effective ecosystem for searching, selecting and developing national companies, including support to young talents, creating an attractive business environment, forming and updating legislation, attracting “smart” investments to the “Autonet” market, etc.


INTERNET OF TRANSPORTATION is an ecosystem of consumers and service providers, systems and modern vehicles based on intelligent platforms, networks and infrastructure in the logistics of people and things.

The Russian Autonet market of 2035 is an innovative diversified environment, which is already forming today:


Market Directions

Telematic transport and information systems
    Navigation information systems, transport monitoring systems and other telematic transport systems:

    • Telematic terminals;
    • Multimedia head units;
    • Solutions for onboard communicators;
    • Remote vehicle diagnostic systems;
    • Transport monitoring systems;
    • Navigation platforms (car navigation systems, indoor navigation systems, systems for increasing the navigation accuracy, high-precision cartography, local positioning systems);
    • Service platforms (telematic, multiservice (SOA);
    • Alarm Tracking Systems;
    • Smart insurance platforms, etc.

    Systems of collecting, processing and analysing data, artificial intelligence and cyber security

    • Systems of processing and analysing video;
    • Cyber security systems;
    • Decision making systems based on data;
    • Data acquisition and processing systems;
    • Augmented and virtual reality systems;
    • Platforms for the aggregation of service data;
    • Management and automation systems (platforms) for the consumer services;
    • Solutions for implementing a human-machine interface;
    • Cloud platforms, etc.

    Driver assistance systems and accessories

    • Vehicle collision avoidance systems;
    • ITS (systems for traffic, road infrastructure and parking management);
    • Driver assistance systems;
    • Traffic management systems for passenger transport;
    • Toll collection systems;
    • Systems of active and cooperative security;
    • Service platforms and communication systems V2X;
    • Laser Rangefinders (LIDAR);
    • Radars;
    • Sensors;
    • Navigation chips and modules, etc.

    Unmanned cars and highly automated cars

    • Highly automated vehicle control systems;
    • Caravan driving systems;
    • Systems and test sites for highly automated vehicles, etc.
Intellectual urban mobility
    Aggregation of services and search of fellow travellers

    • Taxi order via the Internet (ride-hailing);
    • Search of travel companions for joint trips (ride sharing);
    • Shuttle on demand (organisation of routes at the request of users through the application), etc.


    • Per-minute car rent (car sharing);
    • Per-minute bicycle rent (bike sharing);
    • Per-minute rent of electric vehicles;
    • Vehicle rent from other citizens;
    • Car rent instead of buying, etc.

    Public transport and multimodal transportations

    • Public transport;
    • Multimodal transportations;
    • Building routes based on specified parameters, etc.

    Transport services using unmanned vehicles

    • Unmanned personal taxi;
    • Unmanned bus / shuttle services, etc.

    Online and data based services

    • Online - booking transport and tickets;
    • Delivery of orders without reference to the address;
    • Search and reserve of parking space;
    • Search and reservation of refueling time;
    • Mobile electric refueling;
    • Services in the car during the move (dry cleaning, training, mobile doctor), etc.
Transport and logistics services
    Shipping and Forwarding Services

    • Last Mile Logistics;
    • Aggregation of logistics operators;
    • Organisation of "on-the-way" delivery, etc.

    Complex logistics services, including storage and distribution

    • Warehouse rent on demand;
    • P2P warehouse rent (Airbnb for things);
    • Online-reservation of a place in a warehouse;
    • Intra-warehouse navigation;
    • Intra-warehouse unmanned logistics, etc.

    Management logistics, including optimization of logistics processes

    • Logistics services 3PL +;
    • Developing the optimal route for goods delivery;
    • Vehicle fleet management;
    • Multimodal logistics centers, etc.

The working group on the development and implementation of the action plan of the «Autonet» STI Road Map

Alexander Olegovich Gurko
Co-head, President NP "GLONASS"
Alexander Nikolaevich Morozov
Co-head, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Alan Valeryevich Lushnikov
Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
Alexander Stepanovich Bugaev
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Sultan Vladimirovich Zhankaziev
Vice-Rector for Research MADI
Oleg Evgenievich Moseev
President of the Russian Automobile Dealers Association
Irek Florovich Gumerov
Board member of KAMAZ PJSC
Vadim Nikolaevich Sorokin
President of the group "GAZ"