NTI "Autonet" together with FIT SERVICE launched a project to support fleets

9 september 2022
9 september 2022
The infrastructure center of NTI "Avtonet" together with the International network of car services FIT SERVICE  and the companies "Advanced Payment Solutions", LLC "Avtodataspace", NP "GLONASS" launched a program to subsidize the maintenance of commercial fleets of the country within the framework of the national project "Safe and high-quality Roads".

This initiative is aimed at improving road safety and supporting the country's fleet in technically sound condition.

"One of the targets of the national project "Safe and high-quality roads" is to reduce mortality as a result of road accidents by 3.5 times. Our joint initiative with FIT SERVICE will help reduce the risk of vehicles getting into an accident, due to preventive diagnostics. Ensuring safety on highways is the priority task that the NTI Autonet Infrastructure Center pays special attention to, we consider this program important and necessary," said Ekaterina Kochergina, head of the NTI Autonet infrastructure Center and Deputy President of NP GLONASS for Legal Affairs.

"This is a private initiative from the largest representatives of business and industry institutions of the country. We plan that in the autumn the Ministry of Transport and Rosavtodor will officially adopt our joint initiative and make it into the national project “Safe and high—quality roads”," said Alexander Garankov, Director for the development of the international network of car services FIT SERVICE.

As part of the program, the FIT SERVICE car service network provides subsidized car diagnostics and maintenance services to corporate fleets. Interservice diagnostics, routine maintenance, preventive diagnostics and implementation of the electronic service book standard.