Results of the International Forum "AUTONET 2022"

2 november 2022
2 november 2022
The International Forum "AUTONET 2022" gathered more than 800 participants

The organizers of this annual, key event for the industry dedicated to the development of highly automated transport, automotive digital and transport and logistics services were NTI "Autonet", NP "GLONASS" and the GLONASS/GNSS Association.
The partners of the forum were the Smart Driving Laboratory, Kaspersky Lab, Avtodataspace, Fit Service and MIMS Mobility Moscow. The forum gathered more than eight hundred people online from around the world.

The plenary discussion was moderated by the President of NP "GLONASS", co-head of the working group of NTI "Autonet" Alexander Gurko. After the presentation of the speakers of the plenary session, Vasily Shpak, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and Oleg Stupnikov, Deputy Head of the Federal Road Agency, addressed the forum participants with a welcoming speech.

In his speech, Vasily Viktorovich stressed the importance of the development of transport with remote autonomous control and the integration of innovative systems into the transport infrastructure. The Ministry sees a prospect for a technological breakthrough in this direction.
Oleg Vladimirovich noted that the work on the introduction and promotion of new technologies in the field of road management is carried out systematically and in stages.
Further, Alexander Gurko spoke about the key trends in the field of transport. Today, these trends are connectivity, autonomy, smart mobility and electrification.
"The main trends that were identified several years ago are still relevant today. This is an increase in the number of connected cars, the development of technologies related to smart mobility, unmanned transportation, electric cars, MaaS, platforms for connected cars."
The collection, processing and "sharing" of auto data is one of the basic foundations of this development. The exchange of auto data opens up fundamentally new opportunities for private users, the public sector, the automotive industry and other business areas.
Representatives of automakers also addressed the forum participants. Sergey Nazarenko, Chief Designer of innovative cars of KAMAZ PJSC, and Tatiana Redko, Director for Work with Authorities and Corporate Relations of MAZ Moskvich JSC.

Despite the sanctions pressure under which KAMAZ found itself, the company continues its work. At the moment, cars are being actively tested on the section of the M-11 Neva unmanned logistics corridor. Now there is a test driver in the car, but by 2025 the company plans to bring fully unmanned trucks to the highway.

Tatiana Ivanovna told about the plans of the Moskvich plant for the near future. This year, the company plans to assemble 600 cars, 200 of them will be electric. Next year, the number of cars will increase to 50 thousand, of which 10 thousand will be with an electric motor.

Alexey Belyaev, Director of Strategic Projects at the Smart Driving Laboratory, believes that despite the fact that the market has significantly sagged, there is now a real chance to grow its own production. Alexander Polyakov, Professor of the Department of "High-speed Transport Systems" of RUT (MIIT) agrees with him and the Higher School of Urban Studies of the HSE Faculty of Urban and Regional Development. In his opinion, Russian transport enterprises and universities can already completely abandon the software for transport modeling of foreign manufacturers who left the local market in 2022 in favor of a domestic analogue.
"There are already positive examples of switching to domestic software. For example, the TransNet transport modeling software, which is a completely independent, domestic development that does not use third-party software products in its work."

At the end of the plenary session, Alexander Evsin, the head of the situation center of the GKU of the Moscow Data Center, made a report. He spoke about the digital twin of Moscow's road transport infrastructure.

On the section "Connected vehicles. V2X features. Autonomous mobility. Import substitution" experts discussed current trends in the field of connected cars, innovative solutions in the field of cybersecurity, the possibilities of V2X to improve road safety, the role of V2X in the development of highly automated and unmanned transport, and promising areas for the development of unmanned public transport in cities.

 Another important topic of the International Forum "AUTONET- 2022" was the development of smart urban mobility, the possibilities of modern ITS and the peculiarities of the development and operation of electric transport in Russia.
The session "ITS, the new Smart urban mobility. "Green" energy. Electric transport in Russia". The session was moderated by Kirill Zhanaidarov, Head of the Transport Department, Skolkovo Foundation.
Chairman of the Association for the Development of Electric, Unmanned and Connected Transport and Infrastructure (AETI) Iya Gordeeva in her presentation gave detailed statistics on the market. So over the past six months, more than 4.5 million new electric vehicles have been sold in the world.

The head of the Department of Transport Support of JSC "Russian Post" Evgeny Antonik told about how the company is testing various types of transport, including electric vehicles.

 Another key topic of the section was the development of urban mobility. According to Tatiana Mikheeva, Head of the Research Department of Integrated Transport Development at JSC NIIAT, digital transport and urban mobility systems, despite their high level of penetration, are very often a cargo cult.
The longest and most intense was the final section of the International Forum "AUTONET-2022", dedicated to innovative solutions and services based on data in the transport segment, ecosystems of automotive data, types of automotive data and services based on them, issues of personal data protection in the transport sector, innovative solutions based on data in the field of vehicle insurance, IT solutions and services in transport logistics.it was dedicated to the digitalization of transport logistics.

At the end of the forum  AUTONET AWARDS 2022 ceremony was held.