The team of analysts of NTI "Autonet" has prepared statistics of the connected car market for 2021 and a forecast of market development until 2035

21 february 2022
21 february 2022
As the demand for electronics and various kinds of intelligent solutions in the car has been increasing in recent years, the need to ensure the connectivity of vehicles in order to ensure data exchange and the possibility of providing various connected services is also increasing.

Connected cars are able to exchange information with the road infrastructure and other road users. They are a rapidly growing segment in the larger Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

More than 400 million connected cars are projected to be in service by 2025, up from about 237 million in 2021.

However, the global shortage of semiconductor chips (fully observed in 2021) will have a restraining effect, which, of course, has a negative impact on the dynamics of the connected vehicle market, since automakers are unable to meet the increased demand for cars.

Currently (according to data for 2021), China (33%) and the USA (31%) are the leaders among countries in terms of the number of connected cars on the roads. The figure below shows the main statistics on regional markets.

One of the key trends currently observed in the automotive industry is the increase in the number of connected automotive services supplied by OEM manufacturers and third-party suppliers. So, in 2021, the share of drivers in the United States using connected car services was 66%.